In the year 2000, various cider producers united to create Sidra de Manzana Seleccionada, a seal of quality created to promote quality cider, committed to the Asturian countryside and maintaining the traditions and cider making know-how of our ancestors.

Through hard work and dedication we are achieving our goal that the public value quality cider, that the Asturian cider producers are reaping the benefits of their labour and maintaining alive and well our ancestors traditions.





100% quality, traceability controls and quality audits performed by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Final control: an independent tasting council in which only the very best cider is certified as Manzana Seleccionada.


We like to make cider just like in times gone by: with dedication and an eye for detail. Slowly, letting things happen at their own rhythm to create a cider which has a little of our history in every bottle.

We harvest and select the apples by hand, which are then squeezed in wooden presses. Then fermented in large oak barrels, tasting the cider each day… We are proud of having inherited the know-how of our familes and now it is our obligation to pass on this knowledge to an ever increasing number of cider lovers.


We only use apples harvested in Asturias.

This is part of our commitment to using traditional varieties which we have reintroduced to give our cider a taste of times gone by.

Social responsibility

Cider can also be an act of solidarity.Giving back something to society for what we have been given is an obligation that we take very seriously. Supporting projects of UNICEF, la Fundación Sauce and la Fundación Sandra Ibarra de Solidaridad Frente el Cáncer, amongst others.


The history of Sidra Foncueva dates back to the century XIX, when Guadalupe Vigón created this family business dedicated to the making of cider. Overtime, Foncueva has been able to balance tradition whilst introducing the latest technology in cider production.

With a production of just 50,000 litres, Sidra Foncueva stands out for the exquisite care and dedication in the production of its cider. All its ciders are produced using handpicked Asturian apples, controled fermentation in stainless steel containers, then into oak barrels until it reaches its optimal maturity.

All of the above has enabled them to win eight times (2011-2012 consecutively) First Prize as the Best Natural Cider in Asturias, in the cider competion of Nava and the Apple Festival in Villaviciosa.

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Since 1925, Trabanco has been synonomous with highly regarded natural cider, obtained by using the best apples of selected varities and elaborated following time honoured traditions virtually unchanged in centuries.

Cider has played an important part in the history of the Trabanco family. From the moment Emilio Trabanco decided to convert his small home brewing cider facility into a business, there have been long shifts in orchards, cider mills, sidrerías (cider bars)…

A lot of time has also been devoted to one of the most important principles at Trabanco: the desire for progress, to improve the quality of the cider it markets each year and maintain the standards of quality which have always defined Sidra Trabanco.

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The history of Sidra Muñiz starts in 1934, when José Muñiz Gutiérrez opened a new facility to produce cider, consisting of a traditional cider press and 200, 450 litre barrels. The success of Sidra Muñiz in the marketplace led to constant increases in production, the extension of instalations and the instalation of new presses and oak barrels.

In the 70´s the Riestra family assumed control of the business. They continued with Sidra Muñiz and created the company SIDRA MUÑIZ S.A., currently run by the second generation of the family.

Nowadays, Sidra Muñiz is dedicated to extending its knowledge and control of cider. They possess an evergrowing number of orchards to harvest their own grown apples and are continuing to invest in improving their instalations, combining tradition with the latest technology in cider production.

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Francisco González Prendes founded Sidra Peñón en 1910, a cider mill which still maintains the essence of a family business and a commitment to quality and know-how in the production of cider.

The work of its founder has been further enhanced by his grandson, Miguel González Álvarez, one of the most distinguished and well known figures in the world of cider, named Oficial de la Orden del Mérito Agrícola and recognized in 1990 as “Lagarero de Oro” in the first edition of the Natural Cider Festival in Gijón.

Currently it´s his sons and grandsons (fourth and fifth generation) who have assumed the challenge of continuing to grow sales, combining tradition and innovation. Nowadays, Sidra Peñon produces around 1 million litres of cider a year and continues to recieve awards and recognition as a business.

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This, and no other, will ensure you are consuming authentic cider selection.

1. Here we identify the harvest cider you are consuming.

2. Apple cider is made only Seleccionada Asturian apple harvested in certified plantations.

3. The independent entity Bureau Veritas Certification is who performs quality audits and who enforces the rules of use that differentiates our brand.

4. Each bottle is labeled with a code, personal and non-transferable, ensuring containing cider has passed all quality controls.